At Relax to Renew: complimentary warm towels are included and offered with every massage therapy session, and if desired placed at both the neck and feet during treatment time.

Nurturing Massage

Price: $85-$115

We provide therapeutic bodywork focusing on the mind and the body equally as an integrated encounter. Paring therapists healing intention and educated touch with the needs of the client, the nurturing massage soothes sore muscles, improves circulation, and promotes general relaxation.            

Deep Tissue Massage

Price: $85-$115

A Relax To Renew Deep tissue massage addresses chronically tense areas of the body.  Bodywork techniques in this modality are slower, closely in tune with the client, and focused on the identified area(s) that respond to deeper pressure.            

Pre-Natal Massage

Price: $85-$115

A Relax To Renew massage therapist, specifically trained in the proper care and positioning of mother and baby, focuses on the physiologic and emotional well-being of both mother and baby.  Pre-natal massage utilizes our unique and amazing body cushion and pillows in various reclined and side-lying positions to reduce discomforts such as backache, swelling, hip discomfort and leg cramps.  Extra care and attention are given to the mother’s comfort and safety at each state of pregnancy.



Price: $100-$130

This massage is designed to ease the discomforts that can come to the nursing mom using an ultrasonic tool specifically designed to improve vasodilation in the breast tissue.  The purpose is to target clogged milk ducts relieving restrictions in milk production and release easier flow with less tension in the breast tissue.           

Add On Enhancements

Performed by our Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) enhancements to the therapy session are added on to enhance your experience with scent, texture and temperature. 

Enhancements are included for an additional charge no additional time is needed, however please indicate to the scheduler that you are interested in these services to prepare the necessary equipment.


Cupping is a form of ancient Chinese medicine using special tools referred to as “cups.” These cupping tools are designed to relieve back, neck, leg and hip pains, as well as fatigue, migraines, arthritis and cellulite. 

The suction and pressure provided by the cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system, making it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure, anxiety, stiff muscles and increasing range of motion. 

Our massage therapists use only new-age silicone cupping devices.

Cupping at times leaves round ‘bruised’ looking areas on the skin which are releases of toxins and impurities coming out of the body through the skin surface.  If they appear- which is not always the case- they fade within 1-2 weeks if not sooner; the ‘bruising’ is not painful.

Face & Sinus Massage

Face and Sinus massage is a revitalizing add-on treatment focusing on relieving sinus pressure, jaw tension and headache. Starting with a cleansing of the face using a unscented all natural cleanser, followed by hot tea-tree infused towels. It is finished with a moisturizer and pressure point massage for sinus relief. 

Benefits can include anti-inflammatory reduction and relief for sinuses and respiratory muscles.


Incorporating Lavender or Citrus infused massage oil into your session is a natural way to assist with

and promote relaxation.

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